Zelia Vanderpuije

Born in Ghana and raised in England, Zelia discovered her love for fashion as a teenager. Travelling around the world with her family and observing her mother’s love of fabrics and styling nurtured her interest and fanned the embers of her creativity.

Pursuing this passion, Zelia completed a Foundation Degree in Arts & Design and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Fashion Design – Womenswear Technology, both at the prestigious London College of Fashion, finally graduating in 2012.

Having worked with some leading designers in the fashion industry, Zelia gained valuable experience working at the fashion houses of Matthew Williamson, Juicy Couture and Alexander McQueen.

Her time among such a varied mix of design schools enabled her to obtain a diverse amount of knowledge in the industry, as well as the insight and skills needed to start her own clothing line.

Zelia’s final collection, displayed at the London College of Fashion, garnered great interest, culminating in a billboard showcasing of her designs at a 6-month street exhibition hosted at Fitzroy Place on London’s Oxford Street.

She started her clothing line in the summer of 2015, finally launching her debut collection in January 2016 at her own fashion show, held at Tang Palace Hotel, Accra.

Her aesthetic philosophy is to design draped, asymmetric and tailored clothing for the everyday woman, with a concentration on detail and comfort.